Terms and Conditions

Code of conduct for members
Updated at the 2015 AGM

Club Organisation and Responsibilities

All Club activities are open to all paid up members of Totnes Canoe Club, but failure to comply with the following code of practice will result in appropriate action being taken by the TCC Safety Officer or the Committee of TCC against the person or persons responsible (see Formal Grievance Procedure).

All members accept the BCU Health and Safety Participation statement which reads: "Canoeing and Kayaking are ‘assumed risk water contact sports’ that may carry attendant risks. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks, and be responsible for their own action and involvement”.

The club aims to provide for its members to participate in and enjoy Canoeing and Kayaking in a safe and healthy environment. To these aims it seeks to provide:

  • Safe and appropriate equipment

  • A safe and defined infrastructure for all those involved with the club

  • Provision of health and safety information, training and supervision.

    Members Responsibilities

    All club members have a responsibility to co-operate with the Club's officers and coaches and help to develop and maintain general safety awareness within the Club.

    The club provides forms for the reporting of accidents / incidents (both occurred and near-miss) which should be completed by those involved (including a coach) and used for recording of details and to highlight steps or actions that can be taken to reduce or eliminate further incidents.

    Members should familiarise themselves with the Club's Child Protection policy and the Equality and Diversity policy. Members are expected to behave in a way consistent with a family environment and show respect and have due regard for the feeling of other members within the Club.

    Arrangements for ensuring Safety & Health of Members

    The following are the rules / guidelines that all members are expected to adhere to. If a member feels that they are unable to adhere to all or any of the rules, or that additional rules / guidelines should be in place they are to notify the Safety Officer who will raise it with the committee.

    Full details are available in the Club Safety Policy document, you should ensure you have read it.

    PFD / Buoyancy Aids

    PFD’s / Buoyancy Aids are to be worn on the water during normal Club sessions at all times with the only exception being during Swimming Pool sessions.

           Night Paddling

         All participants in any night paddling event are expected to be equipped with lights / glow sticks. The leader will designate a frontsman and a backsman for the trip who must be experienced paddlers capable of rescue.

         The provision of lights / glow sticks is the responsibility of the Trip Co- coordinator / Leader.

         Water Conditions

         Club members are to restrict their activities to appropriate and permitted points of access and egress. While on any Club trip or event, the trip Leader will determine the suitability of the water on the day and will have previously

         prepared a Trip Plan indicating the suitability of the water for the participants in accordance with any BCU access policy.

         Launching and Landing

         Members should take care to avoid damaging any river bank or launching facility. On Club sessions, members must launch ONLY when instructed to by their coach